blythe friedman

Blythe Friedmann is a curator, interior designer, and art therapist living in California.

Ever since she can remember, Blythe has been enraptured by color, and has had an ability to create beauty in the most unusual of places. A native New Yorker and daughter of an artist, Blythe began her career as a designer working in art galleries, home accessory shops, and vintage clothing stores. While working, Blythe got degrees in both art and psychology, and went on to get her masters degree in art therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Blythe balances out her design work with a private psychotherapy practice specializing in art therapy. Using her deep understanding of both emotional and physical landscapes, Blythe helps her clients find a sense of home both within themselves and in the rooms that surround them. In her design work, Blythe celebrates both the modern and timeless, layering the patina of age with of -the -moment  elements to comprise truly beautiful spaces.

blythe design

Blythe brings her impeccable sense of color, style, and eye for detail to clients looking to create a gorgeous environment to live, work and daydream. Blythe uses elements in her spaces from both far-reaching and local sources, enlisting a caravan of bespoke artisans to realize her one –of- a kind designs. Although Blythe has her own unique sense of style, her designs are flexible; she caters to both the pared-down contemporary minimalist and a magpie that collects with wild abandon. In addition to creating lovely homes, restaurants, and work spaces for clients.

Blythe has recently reinvigorated a rustic modern cabin called the Inverness A-Frame in West Marin. The cabin brings together Blythe's two callings as healer and designer .. it is a creative gathering space that hosts arts workshops, overnight guests. and nature therapy retreats - all while serving as Blythe's forested home by the seashore.  Blythe and her team bring a myriad of aesthetic and practical skills to help you with your most wild or modest design needs. We do everything from advising the movement and use of your existing furniture and art to creating a home, restaurant, or office from the ground up. 

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